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    Reporting Tools for Flex

    Impressed with Flex
      Does anyone know of Reporting Tools that integrate with Flex 2.0 that display reports in PDF, HTML, FlashPaper, or other formats. Does someone from Adobe have some ideas on ths
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          I've asked around and found out that there are some companies that may be interested in integrating Flex into their tools but there’s nothing specific to point to. ColdFusion has some reporting capabilities that might fit the bill.

          Joan Lafferty
          Flex SDK QA
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            ColdFusion, assuming you're using it, has an excellent report engine. The report builder is also a free download. It supports each of the formats you've described and reports can be invoked from your Flex app with a simple link to a web page containing the "cfr" file (or a variety of other ways).

            Allegedly, if you need to do more complex reporting (multiple nested sub-reports, for example), an enterprise class tool like Crystal might be more appropriate. I find Crystal a bit cumbersome and it will be FAR more expensive than CF's report builder. I've used the CF report writer since its release (about two years now???) and I've yet to encounter a reporting requirement it couldn't handle. Sure it misbehaves sometimes and is a little buggy, but I think it gets a lot of bad press it doesn't deserve. And you can't beat the price if you're a CF user!

            M. McConnell