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    Exporting Alpha Channel with Quicktime or Windows AVI

    Rowby Goren Level 1



      Using CS5


      What are the settings to export an alpha channel.   When I try following these instructions at this link... http://blogs.adobe.com/premierepro/2010/07/exporting_video_with_an_alpha.html


      ...and use the quicktime settings, the resulting output file is 720 by 480.  Even though my source file is 1440 x 1080. 


      And when I try to use the Microsoft AVI settings, my only only presets available in the dropdown are DV settings instead of wide screen.


      So my question is how do I export a 1440 x 1080 file with an alpha channel to have the same aspect ratio as my source.  Either in Quicktime (animation) or Microsoft AVI?