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    IDD not loading fonts that are installed on computer


      My computer crashed last week and I have re-installed all CS5.5 programs. All of our IDD files use Lucida Sans (regular, italic, demibold, and demibold italic). These fonts are installed on the computer (Windows 7 - 64) but IDD is not seeing the italic or the demibold italic. I've deleted and re-installed several times. Illustrator seems to open oblique and demibold oblique but I don't even have them installed. I have tried to find the shared program files mentioned in the trouble shooting but can't find and I've even searched through "hidden files." If I open one of our old packaged files, it opens with the right fonts. I even used those packaged fonts to re-install onto my computer but the new IDD files or non-packaged files are still not seeing the two missing fonts. The fonts ARE available in word, etc. HELP!