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    Change and localize text labels in a theme

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          When the Quiz Navigation Panel opens with the message: There are un-attempted questions in this Quiz.Clicking Yes will take you out of the Quiz. Click No to continue the Quiz.

          The background is very light and the color of the text is white. It's not readable.

          This appears to be a theme - I see where I can change the theme text for this item, but not the font or color of the font.

          Is there any way to alter the fill color or text color of the Quiz Navigation Warning Message and Quiz Navigation Warning Title?

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            flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

            I did some digging around the local files of Presenter, and I didn't see any place that the font color or background color could be modified. If it is tied to the theme, then choosing colors there that will work for the feedback box would be the best solution.