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    PDF Certificates and Trust Levels


      Using Adobe Pro 9 9.2.0.  As a developer, this is my first experience with PDF.  The requirement is to harvest data from fillable PDF in XFDF format for parsing and input to a database, and save the filled PDF to a server.  I am aware of the JavaScript API to export data in various formats.  I am also aware of the app.trustedFunction and its use to perform non-privileged functions, like exporting and saveas functions.  When I run the export/save script using the trustedFunction wrapper I still get a NotAllowedError.  I rem'ed out the body of the function and found the error is occurring with the trustedFunction itself.  Checking the security settings under the Advanced menu, Certificate Details, under my user ID (corporate environment), and Trust tab, I find the Trust Settings entries are red X'd out and that the certificate is not trusted..  The fillable forms we use are obtained from a government agency (FAA).  My questions:  Can the trust level of a document be altered once created?  How are certificates involved in the process and/or can new ones be created or attached to a document?