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    Acrobat JavaScript WebDAV Doc.SaveAs works from Reader, but not Acrobat




      Trying to perform either a NET.Http request "PUT" to WebDAV https URL OR a doc.SaveAs with CHTTP set.  For customer-driven reasons I am using Acrobat Pro 9, IE 8, and FireFox 4.


      Folder-level script using code in a trusted function.  Privileges are raised properly, and authentication is hard-coded.



                cPath: myURL,

                bPromptToOverwrite : true,

                cFS : "CHTTP"



      myURL points to a file on a WebDAV server on a local subnet, SSL certificate of website and certificate authority chain servers are trusted under Internet Settings, certificate issued to same server name indicated in myURL.  Both IE and Firefox can load the file from the identical URL.


      • Code works from Acrobat Reader when loaded into IE 8.

      File is saved without issues.


      • Code fails from Acrobat Pro standalone or Acrobat Reader when loaded into Firefox 4


      With either failure, I get the following:


      Initial error dialog

      "The URL you have provided could not be reached.  Please verify that the URL is correct and that the network location is reachable."



      "RaiseError: The file may be read-only, or another user may have it open.  Please save the document with a different name or in a different folder."


      These errors occur even when I change myURL to name a new document.



      I tried doing a Net.Http.request using a "PUT" instead.  In this case, same results as before, in either Firefox Reader or Acrobat Pro standalone I get


      msg.text: "A network connection could not be created"

      msg.type: "NetworkError"


      But IE 8 running the code from the Acrobat Reader still works.


      Any ideas what I'm missing?


      Thanks in advance