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    Optima font not printing correctly InDesign (cs5)on old docs using new HP printer and Mac 10.6.8


      One of our folks is having problems printing with  InDesign on a Mac (10.6.8) using Optima (postscript) to the new color printer (P Color LaserJet CP4525). None of the documents they  created before the printer was installed will print correctly with Optima from the InDesign file. Optima does print correctly in a PDF on that printer. They don't always want to print from a pdf for some reason however. Mainly appears to be a weird spacing error.


      We have discovered that new documents created since the printer was installed will print using Optima, so we've figured out a work-around procedure. --- 


      If we create a new document and then cut and paste from the old document into the new document (InDesign), Optima will print correctly. That is fine for a one-page document, but they work on publications with dozens of pages  and books with sometimes hundreds of pages with the text linked from one page to the next. You can only copy and paste up to two pages at one time, and that breaks the links to any text blocks on other pages.


        I've tried simply saving my old file with a new name, but Optima still won't print correctly. Tried selecting all and reapplying the font--that doesn't work either.  Tried both settings of this:

      • In InDesign, choose File > Print.
      • Click Graphics.
      • In the Fonts section, choose None from the Download menu.

      That made it worse.. font went to a courier type.