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    Session Variables Timeout




      I am having an issue with a timeout occurring on my website.


      We upgraded to ColdFusion 8 in September and our application can only be used in Internet Explorer. After the upgrade we started receiving complaints of a timeout. It doesn’t’ happen for every user and we cannot replicate the issue. Our website timeouts after 30 minutes, we then let the user login by clicking a link and we set the timeout session variable to “Y” to let us know that they are currently logged in. They are then able to access the site but only for one page. Once they click to any other page they are returned to the timeout page.


      I have noticed that the CFID and CFToken change after they view a page, which would indicate that somehow it is losing the session. To fix the problem I instruct the user to clear their cookies and temporary internet files in Internet Explorer. Once they do this they no longer see the problem.


      I would rather not have someone clear their cache. Has anyone seen this issue before? Any suggestions?