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    Can offset presses actually do 1% increments of C or M or Y?

    MarieMeyer Level 1

      When trying to achieve very bright colors, with no black, is it valid to move the other components in 1% increments: for example, 100*5*1*0? Or is that expecting a level of precision that is more than the press can actually deliver.


      Years ago I worked with a printer who advised always rounding each of the 4 components to the closest multiple of 5. Obviously, controls are much more sophisticated these days. And, obviously, we spec out colors with 1% increments quite frequently. But can a press, in this case, one using the GRACol2006 profile, actually deliver? them?


      Please note I'm not asking if 100*5*1*0 would be visibly different from 100*5*0*0. What I want to know is if I ask for 1% in one of the CMY channels, am I actually going to get it?