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    Creating a drop-out in a clip?

    Lukabrazzi Level 1

      A coworker asked me a question that I can't answer, so here I am!  He has a clip in his timeline which he'd like to effectively "grey out" for a portion in the middle.  That is, he'd like to create a window in the center where the audio and video drops out temporarily without effecting it's overall length or placement.  He seems to think he saw a way to just drop out a section in the middle, kind of like dragging one of the ends toward the center, but from the inside out.  Anyone hear of this or know how to do it?  It's not important as a practical concern, but I am curious to know if he's right.


      I suggested he set keyframes for the audio level at the in and out points and just drop the sound there, since the clip superimposed above would cover up the video anyway. I also suggested that he copy the layer, cutting off the original at the out point and the new one at the in point, spearating the two to create the window. 


      What sayeth the Adobe User Forum?

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          This particular user sayeth thus:


          Dropping out the audio for a frame will work nicely with keyframes on the levels effect, just by setting two on either side at normal levels, and modifying the middle one to zero or -48.... whatever it is.  Use hold keyframes.  But I think it would be easier to do in a video editing application, frankly...


          Video dropouts: how real do you need them to look?  Case in point: with inteerlaced video, you can get a dropout on a single field.  I've seen & fixed enough of them to know it's true.

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            BenjaminMarkus Level 4

            Forgive me if I'm misunderstanding, but if you just want the video and audio to cut out without any fade then using hold keyframes as Dave suggested should work.

            Cut _Out _a _Clip_1.png

            Cut _Out _a _Clip.png

            But, if you would like to fade them both out then you can use normal or eased keyframes with a bigger seperation between the two keyframes on either end of the drop out.

            Fade _Out _a _Clip_1.png

            Fade _Out _a _Clip_2.png

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              Lukabrazzi Level 1

              Thanks for the input, guys.  Much appreciated.