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    Using jQuery UI in a timeline trigger

    michaelhurwicz Level 1

      I am successfully using jQuery in timeline triggers, but something is going wrong when I try to use jQuery UI.


      I am loading jquery-ui-1.9.2.custom.js and jquery-ui-1.9.2.custom.css using yepnope in the creationComplete event for the stage object ("Symbol").  The same code that works in the "complete" function of the yepnope does not work in a timeline trigger.  The code is:


      sym.$("main_st_classic").hide("blind", { direction: "horizontal" }, 2000);


      So this is what it looks like bound to the default timeline:


            Symbol.bindTriggerAction(compId, symbolName, "Default Timeline", 0, function(sym, e) {

               // insert code here

               sym.$("main_st_classic").hide("blind", { direction: "horizontal" }, 2000);



      BTW, in the picture below the display property is set to Always On, but I have tried it with On and experienced the same problem.


      Any thoughts will be much appreciated.