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    Resize symbol canvas?


      I have a symbol that has a bunch of space around it when I preview it in the library and when I drag it onto a page, it takes up half the page even though the symbol is relatively small. It overlays everything else so I can't select any other element underneath it. I know I can send it to back, but what I'd really like to do is trim the canvas around that symbol down so it is about the same size as the symbol itself.


      I tried the "Resize Canvas" option while editing the symbol, but it resized the canvas for the whole page, not just the symbol.


      How do I get it so the symbol is only as large as the items contained within it and get rid of all that extra space?



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          groove25 Level 4

          I could be wrong, but I think that symbols generally share the same canvas properties as the documents in which they're created. What sounds odd is that your symbol is taking up extra space on the document canvas and preventing you from selecting items beneath it. There must be something occupying that space within the symbol, right? For example, is there a masked object in the symbol? (Objects that are masked remain selectable beyond the mask boundaries.) Could there be some invisible element at the edge(s) of the symbol canvas—for example, a vector with no stroke or fill?


          I'm a little stumped. Do you have a screenshot for this?


          One more idea: Try using the Select Behind tool (located just beneath the Pointer tool). Click on the underlying object first to set the focus, then click and drag as usual.