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    Could not create object named "InDesign.Application.CS5"




      I am experiencing an error when trying to start Indesign CS5.5 via a .vbs script.


      The script contains the line:


         SET my_app = WScript.CreateObject("InDesign.Application.CS5")


      When the script runs, InDesign starts properly, but after what seems to take 1~2 minutes, I get ths error message:



      The translation of this error message to English is: “Could not create object named "InDesign.Application.CS5"”.


      The error is the same when I use the names “InDesign.Application” or “InDesign.Application.CS5.5”.

      When WScript.exe terminates, InDesign.exe also terminates.


      I am wondering why the script does not respond.


      I tried also via C++ and the MFC libraries to create an object :


      If I have an “Application” class, deriving of COleDispatchDriver, and imported from the type library, then Application::CreateDispatch("InDesign.Application", &e) returns nonzero value, and the exception passed by pointer is filled with the same error message.


      Is there something I miss?


      Let me precise that InDesign is installed via an SCCM package and that I do not know what that package exactly does.