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    Bold white text on color block issues?


      Hi Everyone,


      This may seem like a simple question, but I am having issues creating a PDF document that contains bold white text on color blocks? Surprisingly, plain white text (regular text with paper as color Character Style) will print on a dark color block. But the issue happens with the bold or bold italic (same thing just bold Character style). Really anything bold. Now, if I save it as a jpeg, then everything prints fine. My document is in overprint mode which displays problems related to the bold white text on color blocks. By default all white colors have the overprint uncheck and greyed out. So, I am unable to manipulate it.


      Any ideas on how I can get bold white text (Character Style) to print properly in a PDF instead of me creating jpegs of each document and then combining them into a PDF?


      Thanks for any help. Happy Holidays.