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    Merged Project for RoboHelp 10 - TOC does not display


      I created a merged project.


      • I created a master/parent project.
      • I added the children rreferences in the parent TOC using the new merged button.
      • I published the parent project.
      • I published all the children (in the parent merged project folder).
      • I generated the parent project again for webhelp, then click view results.
      • The parent project displays with the TOC  (children),  BUT as soon as I click Allow Blocked content, the TOC disappears (first topic is blank).

      Master Project Web Help.png  Master Project Web Help after clicking allow blocked content.png

      I have created all projects files locally. The children (when viewed independency) work fine.


      I have deleted and started over 3 times with the same issue. I contacted Adobe Support, but they could not help.


      Any idea o what might be the issue or how to resolve this problem.