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    Audio delay after rendering




      I'm a YouTuber from Poland who puts on my channel movies (named commonly gameplays) from variety of games. I rendered about 250 gameplays using Premiere Pro CS5.5 and CS6. Except for the raw video from the game, I also render my gameplays adding the video from internet camera and sound of my voice from TeamSpeak (material from the game, camera and teamspeak are recorded separately).


      Recently I encountered a very wierd problem with my Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 - audio from the game is delayed after rendering movie. My voice is rendered as it should be with no delays.


      Everything was fine earlier, I had no problems! And I haven't changed (consciously) anything at all im my Premiere Pro CS6 settings nor in my hardware. What is more important, when I render only half of the sequence or some part, audio is okey and there are no delays - therefore this excludes a hypothesis about beeing something wrong with my recording settings. It seems that is happening only when I render video from the beginning...


      It may be important to say, that normally I record all videos with MSI Afterburner but recently I installed FRAPS on my computer. And than this problem came out. I have no idea how that may be related but it's just an observation. After instaling FRAPS I had another problem with memory paging file - games were closed when I recorded with MSI Afterburner due to insufficient virtual memory. Never had this problem either. I uninstalled FRAPS, reinstalled MSI, installed FRAPS again and now I don't have that problem. Another weird thing going on...




      When I close Premiere Pro CS6 I receive a message that Adobe Media Core CS6 stopped working... may it be related?