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    Cp6 - Exiting and sending lesson completion status to LMS

    SeatacDoug Level 1

      Hello all,


      I am having a difficult time finding information about how to exit a LMS (AICC) based lesson in Captivate.


      I am not using the playbar, so this means that I need to create my own exit button. But Captivate 6 still inexplicably offers no Exit options for actions/On Success.


      What I am currently testing is, "Execute Javascript" and adding "window.close();" to the Script Window. Unfortunately, this strategy doesn't appear to work.


      Any thoughts?


      Thank you,


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          RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Most LMSs have very specific requirements around how you should terminate a session and just exiting or closing down the browser window might not be good because the LMS may not get the data it requires that way.  If you do not tell the LMS that the session has been terminated and supply the right data, your users might find their final score was not recorded, which will cause you lots of grief.


          I know this is the case with many SCORM LMSs.  I don't work with AICC because it's an older technology, but I suspect similar rules apply.

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            SeatacDoug Level 1

            Hello Rod,


            Thank you for your reply.


            Definately, I understand this and at this time I am not entirely certain what the end lesson string is (it is a custom built AICC based LMS) but my question is, when I find out what the required string is, how do I send this string to the LMS.


            In other eLearning tools, such as Lectora, this is easy and obvious. In Captivate, I do not see any feature or advanced action that I can attach to a button, in order to send the appropriate string to the LMS.


            Thank you,


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              SeatacDoug Level 1

              Actually, even just getting an exit button to work is a bit of a pain.


              I've tried to most common, javascript attached to the X button ("window.close();") and it had zero effect in IE 8.


              Why doesn't Adobe Captivate add some canned exits that work with most browsers and exits that close out a learning session on most LMSs. Of course, these canned controls should be developer editable.


              I have two exits in my template.

              1. Always available quick exit (simply ends the browser session)

              2. End lesson button at the end of the course. Clicking this button should send any applicable end session or "complete" string to the AICC based LMS and then close the browser session.


              Anyone know how to how to accomplish these two requirements in Adobe Captivate 6?



              Thank you,


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                kurtmelNG Level 1

                I would assume that AICC would be similar to SCORM and that there would be a JavaScript API file called in whatever HTML wrapper the captivate file was published to. The new Captivate 6 uses the Rustici SCORM API, so you would need to look into the code for the respective .js file and find out the call which will close out the session appropriately. Most LMS will close out the session in the manner it was designed to do, either via closing a child window, reloading a frameset, etc. I'm in the same boat, and considering that there's no simple EXIT or QUIT action, you'll/we'll have to resort to making a JavaScript call calling the specific function such as LMSFinish (SCORM 1.2) or Terminate (SCORM 2004), some dual version APIs capture either call, and depending on the SCORM version specified will convert the call and pass the LMS the proper call for the version supported.  I have to assume AICC works in a similar fashion although I have never used it or needed to. Hopefully, we'll all find the answer, for the Captivate documents don't speak too much about the inner workings of how it handles SCORM/AICC, and I sure wish Abode didn't take such a "Black Box" approach and keeping these issues hidden or at least undocumented. SCORM also dictates to should send the proper lesson status, etc. so I have to assume AICC does the same.


                I hope we all find an appropriate and workable solution, since this is a pretty important one, one I am amazed that Adobe hasn't answered in a simpler more productive way.