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    grey icon in chrome, win7


      Hi, I've just installed Edge Inspect on my desktop. I've also installed google chrome Edge Inspect. But when I run the aplication I see always grey icon in toolbar with info:



      Please start the Adobe Edge Inspect Application...

      Get Edge Inspect."


      I've installed also Bonjour, I turned off firewall, other addons and all anti-virus soft. Edge has got right port in my firewall options.


      Could you help me?


      Windows 7 64 bit, I use only wi-fi connection in my home office


      I tried to install on other machine and everything work fine, the only difference is that I have installed master collection cs5 on the machine where I have problem.... So it is impossible to use edge inspect whe you have legal master collection cs5???




      ok problem solved, You have to change your computer name if you have any special characters, I had polish letters, when I changed it, edge started : )

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          AllDayDev Adobe Employee

          Glad to hear you figured out the computer name was the cause of the issue.


          If possible, can you please post which Polish letters you had in your computer name that were causing the issue?

          We can use this information to investigate this further, and hopefully ensure others do not encounter this issue in the future.




          Kind regards,