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    OTF/PS fonts have recently stopped rendering in Flash Pro CS3 on Windows 7/64


      Recently, a number of my OTF/PS fonts have stopped rendering when used in Flash Pro CS3. The fonts appear in the fonts menu, render properly in the font preview popup in the font menu, but the fonts fail to render on stage when used, with certain exceptions:

      --If Bitmap Text is selected, the fonts appear (but aliased)

      --If Anti-alias for animation is selected, then the text appears when text insertion is active in the text box, but vanishes when focus shifts to another element, tool, selection

      In all other cases and for all other settings (yes, including black text with 100% alpha on a white background, etc etc), the text shows solely as transparent. You can select the text (although not see what you're selecting), cut and paste, and as you change the font size, kerning, justification, bold, italic, etc, the text boxes resize as normally expected; simply, the text does not show up.


      The fonts work normally in all other CS3 and Windows applications, and up until about last week (Dec 12 or so), used to work fine in Flash.


      The problem fonts appear to be (primarily Open Type Format) Post Script Outline fonts.


      I have installed all Windows updates, Flash Pro CS3 updates, deleted the Flash user config files, deleted and reinstalled the fonts, and copied the fonts to the C:/user/Program Files/Common/Adobe/Fonts folder.


      There were no new installations (applications, fonts, etc) around the time when the error started showing up, aside from possibly Windows updates.


      Given the timing (worked fine Tuesday, failed on Wednesday), I believe a Windows update may have been at least partially responsible, though perhaps it's the Mayan apocalypse.


      Running Flash Professional CS3 on a Windows 7 64 bit system.