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    Color printing issues with Photoshop cs6


      I am not able to print images in Photoshop cs6 accurately using my Epson r1900 printer.  This seems to have become an issue only since installing cs6.  I already contacted Epson and they referred me to you.  The images look dark and murky.  I am using osx 10.7

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          gator soup Level 4

          hi, what operating system, what settings, what is the Source Space (document profile)


          i recommend "Photoshop Manages Colors"

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            Mick_Z Level 1

            I am suffering from the same ailment!

            I am using a 27" MAC with OS. 10.9.5
            I am using Photoshop CS6
            I have been color calibrating my 27-inch monitor with Datacolor Spyder Pro4
            My printer is Epson Stylus Photo 1400 and Epson Artisan 50
            I use ONLY Epson branded inks (Claria High Def Ink)

                        The issue, in a nutshell, is that images, especially skin tones, are looking great on my monitor, however are printing with a yellow/orange/dingy/dark colorcast.
            At first, I thought that I needed to re-calibrate the monitor - I've done that several times.  Then I thought that my printer color profile might need to be changed, and I tried printing and soft-proofing (in Photoshop) in every available printer profile. Images still are looking great on the monitor, but lousy in print. Yes, I am using Photoshop to manage color in printing, and not my Epson to alter or control color.
            Some background:
                        I have been using Photoshop since the second version, back in the early 90's.  I think that I know just about every conceivable way to tweak and correct color casts in images - working through photoshop.  I have tried RGB and sRGB color profiles in Photoshop, along with just about every other color profile contained in the software. 
            Trying to think about what has changed over the past 6-8 weeks:
            I upgraded to CS6 about four months ago, but hadn't really printed anything of substance on my Epson.  I upgraded the OS on my MAC about 11 months ago (I believe that OS 10.9.5 is "Maverick").
                        In my workflow, if I see any abnormal skin tone, I correct it, but it prints exactly the same way, no matter what I do to correct it in my monitor.
            ...And here is the real kicker: 
                        I put four JPEG image files on a thumb drive and drove over to our local Walgreens - just to print them out and see what they looked like.  The Walgreens was using Fujicolor equipment.  They printed out the exact same way.  Is it possible that all of my adjustments in color balance are either not being applied and saved on these images, or possibly that I am inadvertently converting to profiles multiple times?  When I make colorcast or skin tone changes, the changes appear on my monitor, but not in print.  All other alterations to my images are taking effect.  When I close and re-open a color-corrected image, it looks great on the monitor, but.....

            I am aware of the fact that monitor colors are projected in light, and print color is in ink, and a very slight compromise is always expected, but these print images are awful.  I have tried to Google and YouTube my problem, but the responses are all things I have already tried.
            At this point, my work is at a complete standstill.  I am paralyzed by this issue and am unable to produce printed images for either myself nor for my clients.  I am reluctant to submit images to my favorite labs for printing because I am afraid of what I am going to get back and have to re-do.  I don't usually rely on a lab to color-correct for me.

            I really don't know what else to do. Please help and advise.  DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY SOLUTION HERE?

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              Melindria Tavoularis

              I have been using CS5 for a number of years to create prints and cards from my original art, and am thinking of upgrading to CS6. My hard drive crashed on my Mac a few weeks ago, and I have no choice. However, I have always used all of the Adobe Photoshop programs with my 1400 printer managing colors on my print page. A long time ago, Epson suggested in Adobe's Color Settings window that my settings should be set for North America Prepress 2 - working spaces be Adobe RGB (1996), CMYK be U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2. gray - Dot Grain 20% and Spot Dot Grain 20%. You could try that - you might have some luck with it. M Tav