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    Embedding Strobe Media Playback into .NET C# application

    EvgenyL Level 1


      I was trying to capture RTMP stream in C# application and play it.


      I've chosen the following architecture:

      1. Embed Flash Player into C# app. (done)

      2. Run Strobe Media Playback in embedded Flash Player. (done)

      3. Capture RTMP stream in embedded Strobe Media Playback player. (failed)


      The problem is that I cannot set the video source location. Neither RTMP nor HTTP sources work.

      Strobe Media Playback displays the only text string: "We are unable to connect to the content you've requested. We apologize for the inconvenience."


      I have tried several ways to set the source:

      1. Through setting FlashVars:

      flash.FlashVars = @"src=http://players.edgesuite.net/videos/big_buck_bunny/bbb_448x252.mp4";


      flash.FlashVars = @"FlashVars=""src=http://players.edgesuite.net/videos/big_buck_bunny/bbb_448x252.mp4""";

      2. Through creating XML-config and passing info about it to Strobe by means of FlashVars:

      flash.FlashVars = @"configuration=D:\configuration.xml";


      Also I'm unable to play locally hosted .flv-files any of this ways.


      Is it theoretically possible, what I'm trying to do?


      If it is, how can I set the video source for Strobe Playback from C# code?



      Additional technical info:


      For embedding Flash Player into C# app I use two libraries:




      Flash version: 11.5.502.135

      Strobe Media Playback version: 1.6.328


      Sample C# project can be found here:




      P.S. If you know better ways to capture and play RTMP stream in .NET application, please share your knowledge.