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    Brand new user, File management questions


      Hello. Just starting to use Premiere for the first time. Im trying to figure out how to set up my file management. Can anyone correct me if I am wrong on the following.


      Project files. These are the files that Premeire uses to store all the information about the current project. (Currently using my boot drive)

      Media files. Data from the CF card from my camera. I have these on a USB3 connected drive

      Scratch files. Files created when Premeire editing the media so the program has rendered versions of the altered media for quick playback.

           -Question is should I set these to be on my main boot drive? (Mac Mini Fusion drive),

           -Should I put them on my USB3 connected drive?

           -Should I plug in yet another drive and use this as the location to put my scratch files?


      thanks very much!

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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          While more is usually better, I think three should be considered the minimum for editing - System drive for the OS and Programs (but nothing else), a Projects drive for project files and Scratch, and a dedicated Media drive.


          But with tapeless media, you should also have a backup solution in place, as there is to tape to go back to in the event of a hard drive crash.