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    Missing Codec in PrE 9, but not 2 or 10?

    j.pady Level 1

      I've browsed the forum about missing codecs and AVIs, but I'm still confused. I have an old Canon S3IS that saves video as .AVI. I have no problem using those files in PrE version 2 & 10, but when I try to open them in PrE 9 I get the "not supported or missing codec" message and they won't import. Question: Why does version 2 & 10 work but not 9? ...And what is the easiest fix - download a codec pack or a video converter (hopefully a free one)?


      (Note: Running PrE 2 on WinXP, PrE 9 on Win7x32 Home Premium, and PrE 10 on Win7x64 Ultimate).