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    Confusion about Sling Resource Resolution and ACL's

    Bayani Portier

      Hi all,


      First of all, I am not sure that I am taking the correct approach for what I am trying to achieve:


      I am trying to have a completely seperate welcome screen/subscreens for different users. The situation is that we have the main company which requires the core functionality of CQ5, but we have a set of sub users who will only get access to a custom set of wizards, and limited access to the DAM.


      Ideally, I would think that having them log into the author instance would be excellent, as we can still leverage all of the workflows, security etc that the author/publisher approach takes.


      How I have approached this, is to use the concept of Sling Resource Resolution, overriding the welcome screen using the apps/cq/core/components and content folders to override the equivalent libs/cq/core/components et al folders.


      This works fine so far, and I have a custom login screen, and custom welcome screen displaying without issue.


      Where my strategy begins to fail, is when I try to obscure the /apps/cq/core/components folder by removing the permission to view the screens. It seems as though the sling resource resolution system isn't working as I had expected, in that when you don't have permission for a higher stacked sling folder, it doesn't resolve the fallback redirect.


      My other thoughts were to possibly have a custom resolver to examine access/group rights and appropriately direct away from the /welcome screen, although it seems a bit too customised to me, and I'm sure there is a better way.


      Does anyone have any thoughts of either how to get the override to work, or indeed a better way to approach the issue?