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    Effects don't seem to be accurate during playback.


      Hey guys, so i'm having some trouble with Premiere Pro CS6, I'm trying to use the effect Gaussian Blur, at a certain spot during my project. I think I did it correctly, but when I play it, the effect displayed doesn't seem to be accurate to the 'command' I gave it. I did some time remapping before this, I don't know if that has something to do with it, I don't know if anybody has experienced this before, in case I coulnd't explain properly and you didn't undersant what I meant;here are some screenshots to show what i'm talking about.
      Blurry As heck.jpg

      As you can tell, at this point blurriness should be 0.0, yet when I play it, it clearly shows how that's just not true. Blurry As heck 2.jpg
      This is a couple of seconds before the first screen shot, at this point, bluriness should be 35.00, yet as displayed before, when I play it it's just not accurate.


      This is very frustrating since it's difficult to really get that effect you thought would look good, but can't see it displayed to see if it really looks as good as you imagined. Again, I don't know if the time remapping I did BEFORE adding the effect has anything to do. Any help or advice would be really helpful. Thank you.