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    Want to delete unwanted parts from a .avi video file, and save back to itself ?


      I am a total newb to Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.


      Here's what I want to do:


           I have some footage - video clips - where parts of the clip are good, and parts of it are unwanted trash that I know I will not be using. I would like to edit that file directly, delete the unwanted stuff, and save the file back to itself with only the good parts. What's the best way to do that? I tried making a sequence, doing the edits, and then exporting that file back to .avi but when I play it back it is obvious I do not have some parameters set the same way as the original file ( .avi file). I guess the real point of doing this is so I do not have to scroll through the unwanted stuff repeatedly as I create a sequence.


      Thanks !