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    EDGE and HTML dynamic text in a "box" with scroll bar

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      I'm new to EDGE, a win7pro master collection cs5.5 suite owner. I'm mainly in the Film/Video post production field (mostly AE, PPro, Pshop, IA) but have been branching into web design the last couple of years.  I use Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash. While I'm a expert user with all the Film/video apps, I would say I only have intermediate ability with the web apps. While I understand a lot of programing logic bulding blocks I'm not a coder.


      So since we're told "flash is dead",  my interest in Edge is to try to do some of the things that I can currently do in flash in  EDGE. I was excited when Edge first came out but lost interest when it became obvious that Adobe was not going to offer Edge and Muse to "suite owners" but only in their force feeding of the "Cloud". Better known as the "golden goose" for adobe stockholders and a never ending perpetual hole in the pocket for users. Anyway....


      I spent the last couple of days doing some of the tuts and messing with the UI. It's matured a lot since I was here last.


      I've been working on a flash site for a sports team where one of the pages is a player profile page where college recuriters and other interested parties can view recuriting relavent info/stats about players. This is how it works. While on the "Team" page a users clicks on  a button labled "Player Profiles" . (Animation) A "page" flies in and unfurls from the upper right corner (3d page flips effect created in AE played by flash as a frame SEQ). Once it lands filling most of the center of the screen there is a bright flash. As the brightness fades we see the "page" is a bordered box with a BG image of a ball field(End). (Animation) from behind the border in fly small pictures (player head shots with name and jersey number). They stream in and form a circle like a wagon train and the team logo zooms up from infinity to the center of the circle(End). As the user mouses over a player's pic it zooms up a little and gets brighter (like mouseover image nav thumbs for a image slider). If the user clicks on a player's head shot it flips over and scales up to become a text box with a scrollbar. The content of the box is a mix of images, static and dynamic text fields populated from data in an "player info data base" XML file, and some hyperlinks. It's all kept updated dynamicaly with current stats, info and images from the XML file. There is also a "PDF" button that allows the user to open/save/print a PDF of the player's profile (the PDF's are static files for now but the choice of which pdf to retrive is dynamicaly supplied via the XML file.


      So.... Is Edge now able to do something like this?  Would it need to be a collection of small animations? could these be "assembled" and connected as an asset in dreamweaver ?


      I thought I would approach this from the end (ie click on an image and display a box with dynamic TEXT fileds. ) since that is the most important part, ie displaying the dynamicaly updated profile info.  Sooooo....


      Can Edge display a scrolling text box with Images, static text, and html dynamic text in it??