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    Animation works in preview, and breaks once inserted into a page as .oam


      I built a simple animation that allows a user to step forward and backward through the timeline. I was able to leverage code from the Edge blog, so I'm pretty sure it's solid. The animation even previews well, but when I publish to .oam and reference the file from a different directory, the animation suddenly breaks. I really don't know what to do.


      I've tried creating a blank page in the same directory as the .oam file, and it is still breaking.


      When I say it breaks, what is happening is it appears a specific point in the timeline where an element should fade out, but it doesn't. Instead it remains as the other elements continue to work properly.


      Any ideas how to test this problem?


      Here is the code for my "back" button:


      var current = sym.getVariable("current");

         if (current != "start") {



         else {



      sym.setVariable("current", "the_wheel");


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