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    RoboHelp HTML v7to9 Migrate issue, Screen Tip field in images' properties w/DHTML Drop-down hotspot


      Hey all, thanks in advance for any info you can provide.  All the RoboHelp references below relate to us using the respective version of RoboHelp HTML, and on my XP SP3 pc.


      For various reasons, we tried migrating our data from RoboHelp v7 directly to RoboHelp v9, but noticed this same issue also occurred when we tried to migrate our data from RoboHelp v7 to RoboHelp v8, as this was one of the reasons we did not use RoboHelp v8 as our production "version".


      I noticed that RoboHelp v9 (and RoboHelp v8) will not populate the "Screen tip:" area/field of the image's properties window with the existing Screen tip text, even though it is in the html code of the page and when viewing the page within RoboHelp (Ctrl-W) or through a browser like IE6 or IE8, the Screen tip text will display when hovering the mouse over the picture.  Only the RoboHelp v7 will properly display the text info in the Screen tip area.


      Please note, we have most of our images inserted in a DHTML Drop-down hotspot and use buttons associated with a java script to "Show All Images" (or "Hide All Images") and these examples are the ones that the "Screen Tip:" field in the image's properties did not populate in RoboHelp v9.


      Is there any easy way to get the ALT text to appear in the actual "Screen tip:" area/field of the image's properties window in RoboHelp v9, or must they be manually entered?  Otherwise, currently it shows up as all blank, as though we neglected to fill it in.  Is there an actual fix for this?  Thanks in advance for any info you can provide.