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    Last RoboHelp HTML v9 Workspace (formerly called Environment) does not reload next time RH9 loads


      Hey all, thanks in advance for any info you can provide.  All the RoboHelp references below relate to us using the respective version of RoboHelp HTML, and on my XP SP3 pc.


      I have worked with RH7, RH8, and now RH9, but RH9 is not behaving the same as the others as it relates to Workspace (formerly called Environment in prior RoboHelp versions).  In the other versions, the last screen arrangement/Workspace always reloaded the next time you loaded RH, but with RH9, it doesn't. 


      The previous “environment”, now called “Workspace” (upper right corner) does not remain what it looked like when you last closed it, the next time you open Robo.  It resets to some weird default EVERY time, instead of looking like the last time you closed it…even though it shows you with a checkmark that it did load it (but it didn’t!)!

      My Mini-work around is, I clicked “Workspace” (upper right corner) and loaded my environment file (mark.rhs), which loads the screens the way I want them, then did a SAVE to one I called “default” and since it shows you the last two you opened, each time I load Robo, I take turns loading them…no biggie, but it just saves some time so you can choose between YOUR two named files that do the same thing screen rearranging.


      Is this a known issue in Robo9?  Is there a fix?  I have uninstalled/reinstalled many times for other reasons, but this issue has always been present, even installing the latest patches.  Thanks in advance for any feedback.