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    CS5 Chromatic aberration sliders missing

    I Cast

      CS5 camera raw, under lens correction tab, profile, no chromatic aberration slider. Under the manual tab, same thing. Do I need to download an update?





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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          Nope.  The controls have been removed on purpose in Camera Raw 6.7 and they're not coming back.


          Adobe thinks their automatic CA removal is better, even though examples have been shown where it's not.


          See also:  http://forums.adobe.com/message/4397207


          You are forgiven for thinking that every new version should be made more capable than its predecessor and make better quality images.   Apparently Adobe feels other factors (ease of use?) trump this.


          If you don't need new camera support it's possible you can revert your Camera Raw plug-in to version 6.6, which still has the controls.  It gets a bit geeky, but I can advise you further how to do that if you'd like.





          P.S., It's easy to show that the newer method doesn't always work as well.  Note this Canon 10-22 image including the moon near the upper-left corner as opened with Camera Raw 6.6 vs. 6.7.







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            I Cast Level 1





            Thanks for offering a “geek” solution but: I have enough trouble keeping CS5 working without trying to reverse the plug-in. I’ll just have to watch my sharpening settings for printing 16X20 photos.