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    My themes are no longer connected to my login




      My name on kuler is erincossar, and I created themes under this name (which I can search and find). However, when I log in, it says I have created no themes. It also says I have only one favourited theme when I have marked dozens.


      My themes, searched by user:



      I'm not sure what happened, but at the least I'd like my themes reconnected to my login. I'm not sure if my favourites can be restored.




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          123ec Level 1

          ...I've solved this one myself.


          When I log in with my username, not my email address, it takes me to an empty account. When I log in with my full email address (that is linked to an account with the username I can also log in with!), it takes me to my full account. I'm not sure why this is or what would cause both to be able to be logged in to, but there's the solution for anyone else having the same problem.