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    Preview in Mountain Lion Doesn't Like Spot Colors


      I upgraded to Moutnain Lion and CS6 at the same time, and one thing I've noticed is that Mac's preview doesn't seem to dig on spot colors. Has anyone else noticed this? It seems to be the case with .ai and PDFs. Not a huge deal; when you open the files, the spot colors display properly, but when you view the files within a folder through Finder, click "space" to preview, or view the file as an attachment within Mail, anything with a spot color previews as solid black, which makes the file appear as if something is "off".


      My biggest concern with this is if I'm sending a PDF to a client, and they only view it within their Mail app, will it view properly for them? Not knowing the answer, I've taken to converting all of my spot colors to CMYK before I save the proof file, and this way they display properly within Mac's various previews. Just wondering if everyone using Mountain Lion/CS6 are having this issue, or if mine is somehow an isolated case.