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    Formal Training?

    KennethWebb Level 1

      I'm looking for formal training related to Adobe scripting... and can't seem to find any structured courses online to learn.  I've found javascript courses, and courses related to learning how to use Adobe programs, but none that focus on applying scripting to Adobe products.


      Any suggestions for structured courses?

      So far I've focused on javascripting for Illustrator and am currently reading the guides and the reference manuals.  Unfortunately, these do not always explain the full functionality of methods... and much of my progress has been made by examining example scripts & reading the forum.  Its helpful, but I feel extrapolation will only take me so far.




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          CarlosCanto Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          unfortunately that's all we have, I haven't seen formal courses either. The best you can do, is learn Javascript in general somewhere else, there is plenty of info related to Web development. Learn the core language good, then turn to the guides, the Adobe documentation assumes you already know Javascript. Follow the samples in the guides and check the provided samples in the scripting folder...and keep digging the forum, it is the most complete repository of samples for about every topic.

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            sjledet Level 1

            My company, Ledet Adobe Training, has provided formal, instructor-led Scripting training in the past several times (probably 3 or 4) but there's not enough demand to put it on a public schedule. If you are looking for a quote for a private class, you can fill out our quote request form at http://www.ledet.com/request/new but it's really only appropriate for groups. Something like this would typically run around $6K and up for a two day, plus travel.

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              KennethWebb Level 1

              I meant to reply weeks ago, oops! Time flies...

              Thanks for the confirmation of my findings.  I've actually been making a lot of leaps and bounds in understanding what the heck I'm doing.  Some of it still seems a bit black magicky... but I keep looking back at attempted scripts and realizing I've learned enough to bring them up to speed.

              So far my projects have been working out pretty well, and I'm getting to the point where I can write solid sections without any reference.


              Reading through the comments & examples has been instrumental (sometimes if only to point me in the right section in the reference manuals!).