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    new computer set up for performance


      i would like to have a bit of help making sure i have configured Pr Ae and Sg to match the peformance my computer can afford.


      namely i am not sure how to configure scratch disks render drives and export drives. also id like to make sure that my Quadro 4000 is being taken advantage of as well.


      the video tutorial is pretty generic for this. also i think i may not have ordered enough RAM. i have dual 6 core xeon chips with HT that equals 24 threads i believe. i only have 32 GB of RAM installed. should i have 48 GB to really let things fly?


      my hard drive configuration is as follows:


      • 256 GB samsung 830 SSD boot with apps
      • 4TB RAID 5 seagate constellations (internal)
      • 256 GB samsung 840 Pro SSD


      i will intially work with SD footage via a miniDV camcorder but i plan to move to HD via a Canon 7D very soon. i also have access to a lot of external storage via a LAN that connects me to a dell poweredge server.