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    Internal Build Error / Classes Cannot Be Nested


      I've been working on a Flash Builder project for about a week and occasionally encounter one of these two errors when I build:


      • An internal build error has occurred. See the error log for more information.
      • 1131: Classes must not be nested.


      A quick Project > Clean fixes things up.  When I opened my project this morning and tried to build it, I received the internal build error again.  This time, however, Project > Clean results in 5 separate "Classes must not be nested" errors, all pointing to my main class declaration.


      Running Project > Clean again leads back to the internal build error.  If I Clean again, I get the 5 class errors again, and so on.


      I'm using Flash Builder 4.6, Flex 4.6, and AIR 3.5.  I haven't made any changes to my codebase since yesterday.  Any ideas what might be causing this?


      Thanks for your help!


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