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    Do I need to upgrade to an Intel cpu or can I upgrade my current pc for cs6?


      Asus M5a97 motherboard with UEFI BIOS capable of 32gb ram

      AMD 2 x4 phenom 965 @ 3.4 ghz cpu

      Geforce Gtx 560 1gb ddr5

      8gb of G. Skill ddr3 Ram


      I have unlocked the gtx 560 for MPE. When using premiere pro cs6 i experience lag when i add titles or begin to use any kind of effects. I've been editing 5min clips maximum too.


      I have considered formatting my hard drive to RAID.


      I believe the problem is not enough ram. Also my mere 8gb is the only 800mhz.


      Can I upgrade the RAM and reformat to raid and have blistering speed?

      If so, will i need to upgrade to the full 32?




      Do i simply need an Intel cpu (i7)?