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    newer whutil.js causes odd search result

    TheMarcus7 Level 1

      We’re using RoboHelp 9 RoboHTML to produce WebHelp.


      We’ve run into a problem the last couple of releases where when a user searches our WebHelp output, the search results always returns the home/landing page  rather than the actual search result. The proper link is displayed in the address bar, but the page that is displayed is always the home page.


      We’ve isolated the issue to whutil.js, and have developed a workaround where we replace the current whutil.js with one from November 2011. When we diff the files, the newer copy has a different implementation of


      function IsInternal (url name) (see the attached screenshot)



      Is there a setting to change to get the orignal version? Is this involed with the security patch to whutil.js?