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    Extremely confused.


      I have undownloaded and redownloaded flash player. I'm having a lot of the issues others are having and more though haven't read all threads.

      I'm not very tech savy so any help that can be given would be appreciated.


      Same issues others are having include


      Keep getting popups

      Internet explorer 9 doesnt seem to recognize adobe. It worked maybe for about 2hrs last nite and than all of a sudden it stopped again. Its been going on

      for about 24hrs. I go to yahoo to watch a video says i need to install adobe.



      Extra Notes


      When i tried redownloading adobe. I kept getting an error. Than all of a sudden when i stopped trying after about 30 minutes it started to download.

      1 of the errors i kept getting said cant establish connection.


      Dont know if someone can help me on this also would save me from having to find where to post this. Since its in the same general retrospect.


      I also tried downloading Adobe Reader. And i kept getting same error that i did when downloading flash player. Except it never popped up to download.