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    Reset multiple images' clipping paths to "None"

    celuloyd Level 1

      In InDesign CS4, is there a way to check all images at once and reset their clipping paths to "none?" I work on catalogs that have several thousand photos (tif, Photoshop, and a few jpg files) in each one. We break the catalogs into approximately 10 sections/documents then organize them into a book file/palette, so there are only a few hundred images in each section/document. Originally a clipping path was applied to the photos (either a Photoshop clipping path or a "detect edges" path), but we now save them with transparency, so I'd like to be able to turn them all of at once (especially the "detect edges" paths).


      Any suggestions? I know basically nothing about scripting, so writing a script wouldn't work in this case.


      I appreciate any help...