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    PS/Camera raw (hdr pro 32 bit). Saving as Tiff, photo has errors!

    micro5797 Level 2

      While using PS/Camera raw. I am doing an HDR image. I select my three raw images and edit in  "merge to hdr pro".

      I then set to 32 bit, save as tiff (ctrl+s). The files always have errors and can not be opened.


      If i save in 16 bit the file works fine.


      Here is what the file looks like in my folder. Look at the upper right image.



      Camera raw 7.3 with PS CS6. Windows 7 64.



      I found that when Camera raw is done merging the photos and places tehm into Photoshop. Even though i can not save them as a Tiff, i can open them in NIK HDR, choopse any options there, then it will save as a Tiff.