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    Ghost bounding boxes


      If this appears elsewhere my apologies but i am short for time and need help FAST!!!!!!

      As you can see the "Pixel King" and "Pixel Soldier" type has these "phantom" boxes around them.

      Same with the images underneath and the test underneanth THAT.


      Same for the elements under the color bar running from left to right.

      They become almost unnoticable since the gradient gets whiter.


      Can ANYONE please provide a clue as to what is causing this?

      I am running inDesign CS5. I dont really see them when I render the pdf by my printer

      sais that they are there and sent the enclosed pdf. The printer doesn't have a clue.

      btw...the grey bar all the way at the top is correct.

      the problem is only with the text and images. Any assistance would be appreciated.

      Deadline is tomorrow afternoon so I need help fast...

      Pixel- Argraph ad (2).jpg