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    CS6, Project file size bloating and duplicating sequences




      We are running Premiere CS6 (6.0.2) on iMacs with 24GB Ram off a network server.


      After reading alot about project file size bloating due to various save-as and reference file issues, we are still stuck in a situation where our project files are increasing drastically.


      A certain project at the moment is 90mb.  It contains around 25 sequences, most with dynamic linking to After Effects comps. 


      I have noticed that everytime I duplicate a sequence in Premiere (which I do everytime I need to make client changes) the project file increases by 6mb.


      This current job will eventually contain 80 content videos, each with possibly up to 4 rounds of revisions each.  That's about 320 individual sequences!  At 6mb each, I can forsee a 2GB project file approaching rather rapidly.


      I've read numerous times on these forums that project files of that size are virtually unusable, being either impossible to open or painfully slow to save and auto-save.  Even at the current size of 80mb, saving can take up to 10 seconds each time.  I auto-save every 2 minutes, so you can imagine how frustrating this can become.


      So what are the things I can do, or try at this stage to prevent my project file from dying a slow bloated death?  Being already a good way into the job, it will be very difficult to change workflows at this point (removing dynamic linking etc)


      Looking forward to any suggestions or solutions!