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    Javascript error for drop down and expanded text

      Hi all,
      Robo's X5 own drop down and expanded text hotspots worked fine within my chms until i've changed from Windows 2000 SP4 to Windows XP SP2. All previously defined hotspots work fine, but the newly created hotspots receive an IE Javascript error 'object expected' in row 1 and column 1 statig, that the URL mk:@MSITStore:D:\Vodafone\Übergabe\Mobile%20Connect\Microsoft_HTML_Help\VMconnect.chm::/P rocedures/settings/changiePIN.htm cannot be found.
      In true code i can't find any difference in coding, but there must be something. Have i missed a related eHlpDhtm.js update or anything like that?Do you know a work around?
      I appreciate any hints,
      thanks and regards,
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          pe_thiemann Level 1
          Now i can answer my question myself: after some checks i found out, that Robohelp for any reason uses absolute file names in the relative link to the javascript file for the newly edited topics. Search and replace solves the problem only temporarily for the current generation time. If i create new hotspots, Robohelp again inserts the absolute path.
          Have you experienced a similar behaviour somehow and did you get over it??