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    Part of Photoshop's GUI loads, then it hangs and won't finish loading.


      My Photoshop CS6 suddenly stopped working.  Only part of the GUI loaded, then it hung.  After 10 min. I had to use the task manager to quit Photoshop. Then I saw a pop up box (I think was from adobe cloud) saying I had 2 cloud accounts and asked me if I wanted to consolidate them (I checked the box that said 'yes' ... although I don't have 2 accounts).  Then I tried to open Photoshop again but same thing happened: only part of the GUI loaded (i.e., a couple of the dock-able panels such as the Tools panel,Layers panel, etc.).  What didn't load was the work-space area and the top toolbar (i.e., 'file' 'edit' ... etc.). 


      I reviewed the adobe user forums and others have had repeated messages saying their trial period expired when they had paid subscriptions ... I had this problem also, but I didn't see any complaints about only part of Photoshop's GUI loading before the entire program hangs and won't finish loading. 


      I restarted my computer several times, I tried moving / deleting my user PS preferences, I tried disconnecting from the internet, I shut down all other programs ... nothing helped.


      I have been a photoshop user for years and know my way around the program quite well, but I've never had anything like this happen before.  I have cloud subscription and all other programs I use seem to work just fine.  I have a 64 bit computer. Also, very recently, like a day or two ago, I got the cloud update; don't know if the update triggered the problem or not.  


      LOL! Wouldn't you know it ... I was right in the middle of an important project too!


      I tried the adobe online chat, but after completing all the requested information and pressing the 'start chat' button ... guess what happened (OMG) ... nothing happened!  It wouldn't connect to the 'live chat' person.


      When it rains it pours ....


      Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated!