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    Can't Play Encoded h.264 Files


      I'm trying to export a sequence from Premiere CS6 (6.0.3) that combines an AVI file and an M2TS file into a h.264 file. In Premiere it looks like it encodes, and in Adobe Encoder the preview windows shows the video, yet when I try to open the file in Quicktime, VLC or Windows Media Player it won't open and I'm just given a black screen. If I encode just the AVI clip or just the M2TS clip the results are the same. However, if I set export using Match Sequence Settings it exports fine.


      Has anyone experienced this? Any ideas how to resolve the problem? The last project I worked on was fine, yet for some reason this one is giving me problems. The only change is that I'm now using Windows 8, though Premiere is suppose to be compatible.