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    replication History


      Hi all,

                  Can anyone let me know where are the replication history saved in repository?Any Pointers on this  is higly appreciable



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          Bayani Portier Level 1

          Hi shankaa,



          If you are looking for the log file that contains this information, it can be found at:

          <cq5 instance>/crx-quickstart/logs/error.log



          It does not look as though the replication history is actually persisted in the state you are looking for. I suspect it is stored via a singleton in the AgentManager class.



          My reasoning is this:

          1. If you search the CRX repository for a unique string in the error log, you won't see one, only items stored in the replication queue.

          2. If you edit the log file, it does not reflect in the replication log explorer (e.g. http://localhost:4502/etc/replication/agents.author/publish.log.html)

          3. If you stop and start the cq5 instance, the log is cleared, which suggest a volatile state in a singleton.



          The code for the log page can be found in the repository at /libs/cq/replication/components/agent/log.jsp, and

          line 10:    AgentManager agentMgr = sling.getService(AgentManager.class);

          line 11:    Agent agent = agentName == null ? null : agentMgr.getAgents().get(agentName);

          line 30         for (String line: agent.getLog().getLines()) {

          suggests my theory.



          If you are wanting to extract the log for any reason, you could either pull out the volatile history from this object, or else you could parse the error.log file for lines that contain "day/cq/replication/job"



          Hope that helps.