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    Cannot download Flash Player/already in use


      First, I don't remember *uninstalling* Flash Player, but a video didn't load and it told me to download FP, so I tried, and got an error message that said it couldn't download because it was already in use. After reading through the troubleshooting pages, I used the uninstaller to make sure FP wasn't already on my system and just hiding, and then I closed out of everything I possibly could, even checked the task manager to make sure nothing was running. I tried to download FP again (3x) and it failed every time, always saying it couldn't complete the download because it was already in use. I did the test thingie and couldn't see the image, so I don't have it on my system (again, I used to have it and it seems to have voluntarily disappeared itself). I can't figure out why I can't just download FP. Any ideas?


      I'm operating Windows Vista and IE9.