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    QTP 11 and Flex 4.5


      I am using QTP 11, Windows 7 64bit PC, Flex 4.5, on IE9. I am able to identify objects in the record mode and they do get added to the local object repository. However, when using QTP with Object Spy or (Object Repository > Object > Add Objects to Local), I get the error "Internet Explorer has stopped working". The error locks the whole system and a restart is forcfully required.


      The problem is persistent even with the flex store provided by Adobe: http://examples.adobe.com/flex2/inproduct/lcds/flexstore/flexstore.html


      The image contains the plug-ins and patches which I have all successfully installed.


      QTP Prouct Information.jpg


      Is anyone able to assist me with this issue? I have contacted HP but they mentioned that the Flex plug-in is maintained by Adobe.

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          Has anyone found a solution for this issue?

          I am running into the same problem, using the pretty much the same environment except QTP 11 only has QTP_00699, QTP_00709, & QTPWEB_00078 patches installed.


          Additional information for my issue....we created/executed tests using WinXP, QTP 9.5, Flex Plugin 3.0, IE 8.0 for the last two years.  We ran into a few issues initially, but worked them out, and automation scripts have been running successfully since. 


          We have now upgraded to Windows 7, QTP 11.0, Flex Plugin 4.5, and IE 9.0...we are encountering the issue of IE crashing when spying on objects or learning objects.

          We are able to record, and we are able to replay existing tests...the problem appears to be specifically to Object Spy and object repository.

          One additional note, if we run an existing script, then we can use the Object Spy...no crash.

          But if we reload the Flex app in the browser and try to use Object Spy without running existing tests first, then IE crashes.


          Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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            PasaD626 Level 1

            After continuing to trouble-shoot this issue, looks like I at least found a workaround....but this does appear to be a defect.


            Flex Plugin 4.5 contains a configuration file, named FlexPluginLogConfigFile.cfg that allows user to enable logging.  File is located in 

            \Adobe Flex 4.5 Plugin for HP QuickTest Pro\Flex\ directory.


            Set LOG_ENABLING to 1.


            Start QTP 11 and select Flex and Web addins. 

            Now when you spy on an object, you will see a slight delay, but QTP will identify the object and IE9 will not crash.  Downside, is logging will continue and the log will grow rather quickly.


            Not sure if Adobe support reviews this forum, but this does appear to be a defect....the hooking mechanism used to identify object is missing something when using Object Spy or Object Repository is used, and only re-enabled with the logging file.


            Hope this helps anyone else frustrated with this issue.

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              Raghunandan KM

              After Installing the above files, Still I'm not able identify the objects in the windows 7  64 bit IE 9.0 m/c

              Could you please help me.


              Email : rmallik@centurylink.com    

              Phone : +919916499191

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                Earlier we were not facing the same issue but after making the changes mentioned by PasaD626 Oct 28, 2013 3:19 PM (in response to PCS.Secure), we were able to resolve this issue. Please check you must have valid admin rights.

                Thanks to PasaD.


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