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    effects not automatically rendered in background while working on other things in v6.03?

    curiouscat951 Level 1

      Hi all,


      I am relatively new to PP CS6, so pardon me if this has been asked before. I've searched thoroughly on the net - there are similar questions, but not identical ones.


      i'm using a pretty powerful rig to edit my videos and here are the specs :


      i5 2500k

      16gb ram, allocated 14gb to PP, set to performance mode

      gtx 560ti with 1gb vram, set to MPE mode from the hack


      video source : iPhone, Galaxy Note 1080p, Canon 550D DSLR 720p videos




      As seen in the image above, there's a small 'red' unrendered area in the sequence. I have added the warp stabilizer effect to a few of the clips, and most of them turned yellow after awhile, which means i can playback the seq smoothly without choppiness.


      However, at times, I'm not sure why these effects, even AFTER being rendered, still shows as RED and would be extremely choppy when i play it. CPU usage rams up when i first add it and it does the processing. As of now, it is idling and does not finish rendering the RED areas. is it supposed to be normal?


      I have to hit render entire work area for it to finish rendering all areas (which means I cannot do other stuff in the meantime!), and rendering takes EXTREMELY long. for instance, a 2 minute iphone clip takes around 40minutes to render ( minimal effects ).


      i thought the MPE might be a problem, so i tried disabling it and ran on software. turns out it's even slower than usual.


      any idea what i can do to make my CPU work full force in the background to render those RED areas while i'm editing other parts of the clip?